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Today in “The Free Market” – 2

Safety Regulations are bad m’kay.  Sen. Rand Paul (lunatic – KY) is opposing safety regulation proposals intended to address the gas line safety issues surrounding a natural gas pipeline in San Bruno last year that destroyed a neighborhood and killed eight people.

The Senate bill requires installation of automatic or remote-control shut-off valves on new and replaced pipelines, but Speier and California Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, both Democrats, want to require such equipment on existing pipelines, such as the one in San Bruno, because those are at the highest risk of failure.

The legislation passed the Senate Commerce Committee unanimously in May. Given the bill’s broad support, Senate Democrats had “hot-lined” it, asking each party’s caucus if anyone objected, so that it could be passed quickly by unanimous consent.

Paul has used his Senate privileges to put a hold on the Pipeline Transportation Safety Improvement Act of 2011, which blocks further action on the bill despite nearly unanimous bipartisan support in Congress for toughening federal regulations.

Sen. Paul is against the Government telling The Free Market who they can and cannot kill.

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