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American Icon, rebuilt by the Chinese piece by piece.

Who said globalism isn’t great?

The San Francisco bay bridge rebuild project was off shored to China, a country known (we need a sarcasm font) for it’s high quality building practices.

The bridge is arriving in pieces aboard specially built ships, 15 months late due to poorly translated plans, low grade steel and prison labor quality construction; and being constructed like a giant lego set in the sky.

The job was out sourced to China rather than built in the US to save roughly $6.3 billion in costs, a 100% increase…. never mind that the $6.3 billion saved would have been returned into the US… and San Fransisco economy instead of joining the rest of the flow of our wealth to China.

With any luck, we’ve financed the project with bonds sold to the Chinese so we can pay interest on the bridge as well so they eventually also get the $6.3 billion we saved.

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