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Negotiation is Irrelevant

That’s what the right wingers might as well be saying. First they were against the public option for healthcare insurance. When the Whitehouse made it known that they were open to debate, the Private Insurance Co-Op idea was created. The Republican are against that also even though it addresses their two (claimed) biggest concerns, cost and government interference. Privately run insurance co-ops would not have to answer to the federal government in terms of coverage for individual patients and the start up cost is only around $10 billion. A pittance when you look in the context of the bailout money AIG, GM, Chrysler, and a host of banks got.

By also being against this plan, the Republicans are simply proving they don’t actually care about healthcare reform, or the uninsured, or even the costs. All the Republicans care about is trying to make Obama and the Democrats look bad.

If I were Obama, I’d tell the Republicans to go climb a tree.

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